Tuesday, November 23, 2010

i'm not a man, i'm a dad (or, how to know your role)

i was walking through home depot the other day shopping for stuff to strip wallpaper with when i realized that i know eff-all about tools. like, absolutely no knowledge whatsoever. if you asked me what orbital sanders are, i'd probably say kentucky fried chickens in space. i don't know a sawhorse from a seahorse. i know more about bacon bits than i do drill bits. i'm not sure why it happened that way; it just did.

now that i've converted to full-time stay at home dad, i find myself doing and liking things that would make any ├╝bermensch flush with testosterone-fueled rage. last week, i seriously considered dvr'ing icarly because after the 62nd time i watched the commercial, i felt compelled to find out what happens. i've also grown quite fond of spongebob squarepants. how can you not? he lives in an effin' pineapple after all!

see what i mean? at my age i should be interested in politics and home improvements and stuff. instead, i'm more concerned about what phineas and ferb are up to. this will get worse as emmi gets older, too. and she will also like girl stuff too, an area in which i also have very little to no expertise in, save for 2 years of stocking the barbie aisle working at a toy store while in college.

truth be told, i am perfectly ok with all this. i stopped worrying about trying to be a 'cool dad' a while ago because i've come to the realization that it is not me who will judge whether i am or not. emmi will. and she's the only judge whose opinion matters.