Thursday, January 13, 2011

sippycup part 2 (or, how to skip a few steps)

so emmi is nearing 14 months old, and we decided it's time to retire the bottle. since last we spoke on the topic, emmi was not having any of this sippycup nonsense. so we then spent a small fortune on what seemed to be every single type, brand, model and size of sippycup ever made. finally, we had a breakthrough, using...a damn juice box. seems emmi prefers straws to sippycups, and took to the little juicebox straws like an old pro. so we went digging into our plethora of cups and found that we had 2 straw-based sippycups that she actually started using! hallelujah!

not so fast.

apparently, if it is in a sippycup, it better be juice, because milk is not an option. she takes one sip, makes a face, then pushes it away like we just offered her a cupful of blech. but you put that milk in a bottle and she gulps it down like a frat boy to beer.

after about 3 days of this milk strike, another breakthrough. if she doesn't drink from the sippycup, doesn't drink from the straw, and mommy and daddy do not cave and bring back the bottle, what's next? at this point, my lovely wife has an epiphany:

yup. do not pass go, do not collect $200, go right to drinking straight from the cup.

i should make her reimburse us for the 593 sippycups now collecting dust once she has an allowance.


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  2. Very Cute! nice to find another "daddy's blog"! Here from BF-MomLoop!

  3. Stopping from Mom Loop! My almost three year old loves a cup, but spills half of what the cup contains. I am so glad this worked for you.

  4. HAHA! I absolutely adore her! She's got a mind all her own and it rocks.