Monday, September 5, 2011

threat assessment analysis & response (or, how to take a bullet)

emmi is now officially fully mobile. she is running, jumping, spinning, diving, dancing, and charging headfirst like jim effin' brown right into the side of the sofa. however, sometimes her confidence outweighs her skill, and because of this, i have become an expert in predicting how something is going to happen. like some sort of toddler nostradamus, i can now tell when she is going to try and jump off of the couch and to either stop her or catch her before she falls face-first into the floor. i see her lose her balance before she even realizes she's falling off the lawn chair. i am, for all intents and purposes, a not so secret service agent. i'm a few steps behind, letting her do her thing, until trouble materializes. i've even jumped in front of her and gotten hit with a wiffle ball bat to keep her from getting hit while playing a bit too close to some older kids. i am the one that goes into the bouncy air castle with her and tosses bigger kids to the side if they jump too close. even my relatives are amazed at how i seem to swoop in like frickin batman and save her from crashing into the side of a picnic table. be it an outside threat, or simply saving her from herself, it is now my job to make sure she doesn't hurt herself.

it isn't as easy as it looks, really, and i have the nearly empty bottle of advil to prove it. am i being overprotective? perhaps, but at this stage, i prefer overprotectiveness over a trip to the emergency room. for her at least. it remains to be seen if i will need to go for myself.

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