Thursday, October 21, 2010

the sippycup (or, how to provide a terrible example)

so along with grown up food, we've been trying to introduce emmi to that grand chalice of toddlerhood, the sippycup. so far we've only managed to get juice on places of the house mr. clean himself would overlook. it's a slow process: give it to her, she puts it up to her mouth for 4 seconds, shakes it up, sloshing juice around and all over the place. despite the claim that the cup is 'leak-proof', it is apparently not emmi-proof.

so the other day i'm trying to re-re-re-re-re-introduce the sippycup to her. she does the 4 seconds to the mouth, tires of the thing, and tosses it away. i say to myself 'maybe i need to show her how it works!' so as i take the thing, put it up to my mouth, and start to sip, some juice does come out, and right down the wrong pipe. i spit out what's left in my mouth and start coughing, flailing all over the dining room like i'd just inhaled a habanero pepper. as soon as i get myself composed and under control, i look over at emmi. with a big smile on her face, she laughs and does a 'fake cough'. 11 months old and she has already learned how to mock me.


  1. You knew it was coming, otherwise she wouldn't be your daughter. Just maybe not so soon. Good luck with Re-Introduction Part Sechs.

  2. lol how precious...sorry about the flailing!